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 Baby "Jake" 

now lives in Virginia

here is what his new mommy had to say...

"just a wonderful baby. I just love Jake. You are the best!!"


              Baby Jake           


                    Baby Jake                          Baby Jake    

Extra special care and handling was used in the nursery to bring Baby Jake's reborn process to "life-like" detail.


                         Baby Jake                         Baby Jake

This precious little boy came into the nursery as Ashton Drake's "Welcome Home Baby Emily" scuplted by Linda Webb. The mold to start out with is very realistic and putting him through the reborn process enhances that realism even more.  With delicate handling and extra special care this little baby has been transformed into a treasured little OOAK "Cream Puff Babies Nursery" baby boy.


                 Baby Jake                          Baby Jake       

Re-Born: April 10, 2006

Time: 4:21pm

Weighing approx. 5lbs.

Measuring 20 inches long

                   Baby Jake                         Baby Jake                               

It's very difficult to describe each step that goes into creating a "Cream Puff Baby" as in real life each baby’s skin tone is unique and different, several different techniques are used on each baby to achieve the desired skin complexion for that individual baby.  The vinyl was colored to give little Jake the most realistic natural newborn "blotchy" tone complexion. This natural shade of coloring was created with Genesis heat set paints, stencil paints, & etc. that I’ve applied over multiple steps to achieve the true to life look.  Each baby is carefully hand painted until I have achieved the desired results for that individual baby.



~ micro-rooted baby soft blonde mohair -hair & eyelashes ~

~ baby manicure and pedicure ~

~ magnet paci ~

~ finest quality Genesis heat set paints ~

~ muslin body filled with soft fluffy polyfil and weighted with plastic pellets ~

~ subtle realistic veining in appropriate places ~


Baby Jake                         Baby Jake


Baby Jake                         Baby Jake



                                Baby Jake                         Baby Jake                  



                      Baby Jake                           Baby Jake 



                    Baby Jake                          Baby Jake    


Baby Jake                         Baby Jake

Jake has micro-rooted baby soft, blonde mohair.  Each little strand was rooted in the direction that his hair would naturally grow.  His hair was then trimmed and shaped to appear as realistic as a newborn baby’s hair does.  I have micro-rooted little blonde mohair eyelashes to accentuate his new life like look.   I also applied tiny barely there little brush stroke eyebrows. Additionally, his little nose was carefully opened so he can breathe.

He has subtle veining throughout his hands & feet, forehead, & even on his little eyelids.

Baby Jake                         Baby Jake


Baby Jake                         Baby Jake

Jake's original muslin cloth body that has been re-stuffed and weighted to give him a more realistic feel.  The flexible body has been delicately weighted and stuffed with a combination of fluffy soft PolyFil and plastic pellets. This feature provides that realistic baby feel that’s just right for holding.

Jake’s little head & 1/4 limbs have also been weighted and gently stuffed with the same combination as his body.  His little head needs supporting just like a real baby’s head when you hold him. Jake can be posed and displayed in a variety of positions.

Baby Jake                         Baby Jake

Jake has been given hand painted finger and toenails that have been sealed with a satin sealer to highlight the details of his tiny hands and feet.

Baby Jake

Look how precious!!!

Baby Jake


                Baby Jake         

Jake is no longer considered a play doll, but a ”One of a Kind" collectible doll to be handed down from generation to generation. I have signed and dated him with his birth date on the back of his neck.

Jake will leave "Cream Puff Babies Nursery" with all brand new items:

-a diaper

-a blue hat

-a  magnet paci (these magnets are very strong and caution should be used around pacemakers and electronic equipment)

-a pair of light blue puppy bootie / slippers

-a plush "Kids II" prayer puppy that says a prayer when you press his tummy

-a blue hospital bracelet with his name and birthdate

-an "Old Navy" long sleeve 0-3 month white onesie with little black puppy on front

-a newborn "Simply Baby" gown with tan & blue puppy all over

-a "Cream Puff Babies" birth certificate


Please Note:  Anything that has not been stated as included are Props used in photos and will not be included