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~What some people are saying about Cream Puff Babies~

"The stork arrived today at 10:45.  Sam is absolutely perfect and exactly how I wanted him to look.  We had so much fun opening the box and un-taping the baby while my daughter captured the exciting event with the camera.  Your work is so beautiful and your sweet nature makes each baby ordered from you such a pleasure.  I love his very loose head making him seem so realistic.  I know he wrinkled his little face even more as the camera flashed. 
Keep up your super work.  I never worry about ordering from you.  Baby Sam arrived exactly as I described him to you."

 "Hi!  I felt like you guys should know that I just went though all the babies and looked at EVERY ONE of them and I loved them all. I think ya'll should be very proud of yourself because I have NEVER seen a baby that looked as real to life as those dolls right there!! It is even hard for me to call them dolls they look so real!!! trust me that is really GREAT!!!!!!  Good luck to ya'll and best wishes!!!"

"Hello, I'm a professional modeler with close to 40 years experience and up until about 45 minutes ago thought that my skills and the models I create are second to none. I now know that the best I can hope for is second place. I have raised three children to adulthood with the youngest, my son, having just turned 31 . Viewing your "models" brought back to life waves of nausea that can only be generated by opening the ripe overloaded diaper of a breast feeding infant. No reply is needed. I simply wanted you to know how overwhelmed I am by your  phenomenal abilities."

"I just found your site and I am stunned at the beauty of your work. Incredible!"

"Wow Julie!!! This Sasquatch baby, little Bluejay is amazing!!! I love her.....wow, you did such a fantastic job on her hair :D

What an extraordinary gift she is for me! I couldn't be happier with her Red heart

The receiving blanket with the little animals was so cute, considering she is a Sasquatch Winking smile, so thanks for that too. And that she has a reborn date, a 'birthday,' is fun too.

I'm almost afraid to share her with my Bigfoot friends, as I know they will all want one LOL!!

I am looking at her on my lap right now and just love the eyes you gave her, they are perfect!!
and her expression and hair are just to love.

I can't imagine how many hours you took to create this special piece for me ~ and I am so appreciative that you didn't tell me you couldn't or wouldn't try to make her. I've seen other dolls
that were supposed to be chimps with hair and none match yours in the quality of the way they look.....the detail of coloring and hair rooting is exceptional Thumbs up

I want to do more drawings using Bluejay as a model and maybe put a little storybook together with
my illustrations. I'm thinking of calling the book "The Littlest Sasquatch" but that could change. I will let you know if I get that in the works at some point!

Thank you so very much,
she is everything I wanted,"

"I received baby Micheal (caleb) today. He is amazing, I keep noticing new details every time I look at him. He reminds me of my son that passed away.
Thank you so very much."

"I wish i could just take these babies right off the screen. Could you please tell me how much your babies run. i really love little justin please let me know. How often do you have babies ready for adoption? thank you for your time and God blessed you for having such a talent that makes people like us enjoy. thank you"

"Oh my goodness! He is absolutely beautiful! THE most realistic Thomas I have seen yet!! I just love your use of props. You are very talented at what you do! Congratulations on another stunning baby!"  Tami  www.doll-baby.com

"Your babies are all just so cute! You really do a terrific job at reborning them."  Tami   www.doll-baby.com

"Hi Julie,   can U answer my question as to whether or not you will continue to create reborns?   I sure hope so,  I have a whole list of reborners on my "favorites list" and you were on it,  and out of all 25 reborners I had two favorites,  "You and one other"!   I hope you dont stop reborning,  you have a very special talent.   I saw an Anna Carter doll reborn, in fact a few of them,  and Andrea is just the best out of all Ive seen!   The coloring you use on your babies ,  the hair the clothes, even the way you can pose your babies and the pics that you show of your babies has a very unique quality that is only Cream Puff Babies!   I just love them!  Now baby Lee will have a sister,  hahaha"

"OOOHHH Julie!!!    I would love her so much too!     How much is she?  I never saw anything so cute, she is absolutely adorable,  I feel like she belongs to me!!!  Oh my,   I would love to adopt her!!" 

"Don't know how to explain it,  your babies are just so beautiful and the clothes the bodies and the positions and the coloring and hair,   need I say more? Oh yes and I lOVE their complextion!  I love Lee so much and always wanted another of your babies,  and now TWO more,  oh my goodness Im excited!!!"      

"I have 19 babies,   but in all honesty when I put baby Lee in my crib with others,   he just stands out above the rest, in fact he makes the others look good!    Im serious!
I started buying a year ago now and as I got better at knowing what to look for in a reborn I noticed that what  "I" like was  "Cream Puff babies Nursery" the best.  There is something special that you do that stands out to me.   When I was watching for a long time without buying I would ck. yours mostly waiting to see if you had a little blonde  with that special look AND the price for me,  which of course is this price you ask for the two I'm getting.   These two  that will be mine are just so perfect and Im soooooooooo excited,   as you know,  haha
I know I don't have room for any more in the one room that is my nursery and get nervous thinking what if Cream Puff comes out with another little blondie!!!   How can I not want it,  hahaha"
"What is your technique for a/a dolls.  great work."
"My daughter and I would like to know if you do custom babies?  You have beautiful babies!!"
"He's made it home, safe and sound. It took a little while to coax him out into the world, but we fell in love with him at first sight!!! :) It's going to be a while before he sees his crib, lol, this is a day of many snuggles and photos.
Thank you so much for bringing this perfect little treasure to life, I'll treasure Adam forever."
"I must say, That is kind of creepy. It looks SO REAL! Geez, I must say though.... Great artist!!"
"Oh I love my babies so very much!  They are the most realistic little babies I have,   I will care for them as if they are real!   haha
They are so pretty in the basinett.   I bought each of them little soft pink canvas shoes and each of them, a tiny white crocheted sweater,  are they ever cute!    I put their little sweaters over the adoreable outfits you sent them in......just adoreable!    I cant get over the job you did on their hair,    so natural looking!"
"Good  Morning!
You're Babies are just too Beautiful.  I only hope they are
within my budget."
"Hi- these babies are so amazing!!
I had a preemie at 30 wks.
He is almost 2 now & I wondered if you make these babies for individuals.
I would love to have something more exact to Lane.
Thank You"
"OH MY GOSH!!!!!!  Julie, went to your website and looked at your adopted babies.  You are a fantastic reborner.  Your babies are so life like, you really do a fantastic job.  I have been looking on ebay at the other reborns and comparing what I see against what I see with your babies and they don't even come close.  I wish you all the best in your endeavor and hope that some day I may be able to acquire one of your babies.  I will keep looking at your website and looking at your babies.  They are wonderful." 
"I just had to tell you, this is the most realistic reborn I think I have ever seen. You did such a beautiful and actually an outstanding job on her. I wish I could afford to buy her, but I am on a limited income. Do you do layaways? Even if you don't thats ok you are a great artist. Good luck to you and keep up the great work!!!!!"

"The doll was retrieved from the post office this morning.  I cannot tell you
how beautiful and perfect she is; she will be a true asset to our
I'm truly very pleased with 'Hope' and she is going to be a center of
attraction at our upcoming Threads of Love display during the hospital's
Nicu Reunion.
What a joy to have found you as you are obviously an artist with a caring
eye to detail!!!"
"OMG they are BEAUTIFUL!"
"Hi! I LOVE your babies! "
"Your baby girl is GORGEOUS! I wish I could have bought this little Angel! I hope she goes to a great mommy who will love her so so much! She is beautiful! You did such a wonderful job on this baby girl!"
               "She arrived today and she's absolutely beautiful. I have looked at several unfinished reborn dolls online, and I have to say you have done an amazing job "bringing her to life". She looks so realistic.
I am eager to bring her in to work and display her in an effort to assist in our fund raising efforts for our local Children's Hospital. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to contribute when they have such a realistic reminder as to what a portion of their donation money be going toward. At the end of our fund raising effort, "Olivia Mae" will be proudly displayed in my living room, cuddled up with one of my Teddy Bears (which I currently collect) in a wicker sleigh.
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into her, it is greatly appreciated, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you."
"oh my god i love ur babies thank u sooo much for making people 
smile when looking at the babies"
"Your babies are beautiful. Just keep making those beautiful babies"
"I just wanted to say WOW! I thought that was a real baby you were auctioning off at first! (And I thought you were nuts until I realized he wasn't a real baby.)That's incredible." :)
"Dear creator of Baby Jake
Thank you so much for the beautiful memories that his photos bring,He looks just like my baby who died at 35 weeks ,Thank you so much i have him as my wallpaper .So thank you again for sharing Pics of your babies."
"I reviewed all your babies last night and was enthralled with them all.  You must be very pleased with how happy you make your "adoptive" parents of your reborns.  I saw how many ways they are displayed and positioned"
"I have been looking across the internet at all the reborn babies.  Let me say that I am very happy that I found you!  Your work is exquisite.  Some of these other reborn babies just do not have the qualities that make them look like real babies.  There is a huge difference in quality from what I can see."
 "Can I just say what a wonderful job you did on Ashley. She is adorable!!!She looks alot like my baby pictures, I even got out some pictures to be certain!!" 
"I have never seen such amazing reborn work. I was wondering if you ever did "touch ups" on previously reborn dolls. I purchased one off Ebay, and the doll was not as realistic as represented - and that was the purpose I wanted one, LOL. I've never seen such realistic reborn work as  you do. Please let me know, thanks!"
"Your work is amazing."
"How often do you produce a new baby for adoption? They are awesomely beautiful!! Look just like my children when they were born; and the same head circumference and length!! Awesome work. Thank you sooooo much!!"
"Your reborns are all really beautiful"
"WOW I love what you did with Andy! What a great job you did! Andy is the best doll I have seen up on ebay."
"This baby is sooo beautiful....I just had to tell you ...if I had the money I would bid on him till he was mine!....Anyway..you did a beautiful job on him, he is very realistic looking!"
"Your babies are amazing. I highly doubt they are in my budget, but how much is it to adopt one. I would want a girl. I absolutely loved the kewpie one, remind me of my little girls. "
"I just happen to open this site.  Your babies are so precious -"
"You have beautiful dolls!!!"
"hey we got him yesterday and he is beautiful you do amazing work i love the  little veins on his hands and feet thank you so much for a wonderful baby!!!!!  Hey he already has my daughter loves him so much thats like her life now she has so much stuff for him its like she was preparing for a real baby so thank you and you did bring lots of joy to her eyes."
"You do amazing art on these babies."
"you have been awesome to deal with. Thank you for making him perfect for me. I have never found someone who reborns babies better than you. Thanks again for all your effort and i will let you know tomorrow when he gets here!!!"
"I just got him today! Beautiful, speechless. He is awesome! I cannot thank you enough"
"Hello, your babies are beautiful. There was one recently I especially liked alot, it was a preemie Ronnie doll.  That one was really wonderful, I have seen a couple other Ronnie's done and yours was so much better & real looking.  Have a really nice day."
"HI there!! I just HAVE to tell you how AWESOME this little reborn looks! He is excellent! He looks SO real!! Wonderful Work!!
"She really is adorable and you've done a wonderful job with her. It's an adorable sculpt to start with but you really brought her to life. Good luck and Congratulations on a wonderful job!!"

"You do beautiful work and are a very talented artist."
"aboslutely FABULOUS ......"
Oh my he brought tears to my eyes....
He is absolutly gorgeous!
I love the preemie's so much. I also reborn and love to admire other ladies creativity and this one just grabbed my heart!
Love the Christmas outfit so much. Great little boy and he will make a wonderful new addition to anyones home.
BOL and thank you for the joy of seeing your little one....:)
"wow, so lovely good luck"

"He's here!!! He is just absolutely perfect ! His skin tone, hair and eyes are just so natural. Even the little details like his birth certificate, hospital bracelet and how he was packed is perfect! He is so cuddly-I don't want to put him down. Thank you so much for creating Matthew. He is the best reborn baby I own. I will never go to another nursery for a baby. I appreciate all the hard work that went in to him as well as all the special accessories you bought for him. Thank-you so much!"

"How can I thank you in particular for baby Kayan-its as if you had the living baby's picture to work from.
 Am a bit worried as my maternal instincts kicked in when I set eyes on him -perfect representation from you. It was such an experience setting eyes on Kayan,I think it is for for me the symbolic representation of someone precious to me. Thank you."

"Thank you so much again Julie I cant keep my eyes off baby Kayan he is lying on the sofa as i type this."
"Baby Hope arrived safely today.
 Oh she's adorable,so beautiful.
 I cant thank you enough for the obvious loving way she was packed and protected for her long journey to the UK.
 As ever the baby,her clothes,cuddly toy,receiving blanket and her adoption paperwork were impeccable.
 I am distracted by the loveliness of our new family member and keep stopping chores so I can peep at her and snatch the odd cuddle.
 All I can say Julie is thank you,thank you,thank you... 
 Warmest wishes"

 "I just really think you did the most BEAUTIFUL job with Baby Blakely!! He is gorgeous!!"

"They look *so* incredibly lifelike that it's downright spooky."

"Oh My Goodness! Baby Finn is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I LOVE HIM!  You do amazing work. =]"

"i'd really like to own a piece of your work, it's amazing! i'm in aw."

" I really love your reborns. I would like one of my own...there are a couple of your already adopted babies that are exactly what I would want.  Do you do custom orders by any chance and what are your prices? I saw Samantha on ebay and I just HAD to stop by and inquire about your "services". You truly have a gift for reborning. Thanks so much!"

"I love your work! Each and every baby is so unique and beautiful. I am wondering if you are taking custom orders and if you are how much they run. Thank you for your time and keep up with the wonderful work!"

"I think your work is simply the best that I have seen so far"

"Oh my he brought tears to my eyes....
He is absolutley gorgeous!
I love the preemie's so much. I also reborn and love to admire other ladies creativity and this one just grabbed my heart!
Love the Christmas outfit so much. Great little boy and he will make a wonderful new addition to anyone's home.
BOL and thank you for the joy of seeing your little one....:)"

"I just love to look at your fabulous reborn work and all these adoreable babies you`ve created!!"

"Thanks so much, i have fallen in love with your babies!!!"