What some people are saying about Cream Puff Babies

"The stork arrived at 10:45.  Sam is absolutely perfect and exactly how I wanted him to look.  Your work is so beautiful and your sweet nature makes each baby ordered from you such a pleasure.  I love his very loose head making him seem so realistic. I know he wrinkled his little face even more as the camera flashed"

"Hi! I felt like you guys should know that I just went through all of the babies and looked at EVERY ONE of them and I loved them all.  I think ya'll should be very proud of yourself because I have NEVER seen a baby that looked as real to life as those dolls right there!!  It is even hard for me to call them dolls they look so real!!! Trust me that is really GREAT!!!!! Good luck to ya'll and best wishes!!!

"Don't know how to explain it, your babies are just so beautiful and the clothes, the bodies, and the positions and the coloring and hair, need I say more? Oh yes and I LOVE their complexion!  I love Lee so much and always wanted another of your babies, and now TWO more, oh my goodness I'm excited!!!

"The doll was retrieved from the post office this morning. I cannot tell you how beautiful and perfect she is; she will be a true asset to our efforts!!! I'm truly very pleased with 'Hope' and she is going to be a center of attraction at our upcoming Threads of Love display during the hospital's Nice Reunion. What a joy to have found you as you are obviously an artist with a caring eye to detail!!!"

"Dear creator of Baby Jake, thank you so much for the beautiful memories that his photos bring. He looks just like my baby who died at 35 weeks. Thank you so much I have him as my wallpaper. So thank you again for sharing Pics of your babies"

"I have been looking across the internet at all the reborn babies.  Let me say that I am very happy that I found you! Your work is exquisite. Some of these other reborn babies just do not have the qualities that make them look like real babies. There is a huge difference in quality from what I can see"

"a quick comment!!! OOOOHHHH MYYYY!!!!!!! NEED I SAY MORE???? I JUST LOVE HIM!!"

"HI there!! I just HAVE to tell you how AWESOME this little reborn looks! He is excellent! He is excellent! He looks SO real!! Wonderful Work!!"

"She really is adorable and you've done a wonderful job with her. It's an adorable sculpt to start with but you really brought her to life. Good luck and Congratulations on a wonderful job!!"

"He's here!!! He is just absolutely perfect! His skin tone, hair and eyes are just so natural. Even the little details like his birth certificate, hospital bracelet and how he was packed is perfect! He is so cuddly-I don't want to put him down. Thank you so much for creating Matthew. He is the best reborn baby I own. I will never go to another nursery for a baby.  I appreciate all the hard work that went in to him as well as all the special accessories you bought for him. Thank-you so much!"

"Baby Hope arrived safely today. Oh she's adorable, so beautiful. I can't thank you enough for the obvious loving way she was packed and protected for her long journey to the UK. As ever the baby, her clothes, cuddly toy, receiving blanket and her adoption paperwork were impeccable. I am distracted by the loveliness of our new family member and keep string chores so I can peep at her and snatch the odd cuddle. All I can say Julie is thank you, thank you, thank you.. Warmest Wishes"

"How can I thank you in particular for baby Kayan-its as if you had the living baby's picture to work from. Am a bit worried as my maternal instincts kicked in when I set eyes on him- perfect representation from you. It was such an experience setting eyes on Kayan, I think it is for me the symbolic representation of someone precious to me. Thank you."

"Thank you so much again Julie I can't keep my eyes off baby Kayan he is lying on the sofa as I type this"