Reborn Process

How it begins

Our goal at Cream Puff Babies Nursery is to make each individual baby appear as realistic as possible.  Providing you with unique hand reborn dolls that are realistically created with love and care.

Our Reborn Process begins when we receive a new arrival to our nursery.  Special care is given to color the vinyl with layers of the highest quality heat set paints using a variety of techniques.

Mouth & Nose Features

Mouth: The mouth and lips are painted with multiple layers of colors and textures giving them a more natural look. They are then finished with a satin sealer

Nose:  We carefully open the baby's nostrils to add depth and dimension to further enhance the realistic look.

Hair & Eyes

Hair: We hand micro-root baby soft mohair.  This adds to the realism. Depending on the look we are trying to achieve some babies have hand painted hair.  

Eyes:  Eyes are inserted in our open eyed babies. Delicate little eyelashes are micro-rooted to match the hair color

Eyebrows: tiny brush stroke eyebrows are done to match hair color

Skins & Nails

Nails: Each little finger and toe nail is lightly tipped and sealed with a satin acrylic finish for durability.

Skin: we add newborn peeling skin texture medium to some of our babies feet, hands, face, and ears to enhance the realistic newborn look.

Veining: Detailed veining is hand painted on the baby's tiny hands/ arms, legs/ feet, and head.


Magnet Paci: Magnet pacifiers are added with some babies for extra display options.

Tummy/ Back Plates & Umbilical Cord

Tummy & Back Plates:     On occasion tummy and/or back plates are added with certain individual babies for more display options.  They simply tuck in the diaper and under the shirt or onesie.

Magnet Umbilical Cord with Clamp:     When we are trying to create a "just born" look, we will add a magnet umbilical cord with clamp. 

Finishing Touches

Each Cream Puff Baby is gently stuffed with a fluffy soft polyfil and weighted in all the right places, which emphasizes the realistic feel of the baby's head, tushy, arms, legs, hands, and feet.  This realistic feel means the baby's head will need to be supported just like a real baby's head would.

The finishing touch of bringing the baby to life with a comfortable outfit, sleeper, or gown is another one of our favorite parts.  Each baby gets a diaper and onesie.  And depending on the outfit chosen for him/ her, other accessories may include a hat, socks/ booties, shoes, pacifier, bib, rattle/ stuffed toy, receiving blanket, etc.

Ready to bring your custom reborn to life? Send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you. 🥰

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