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Cream Puff Babies

Adoptable Baby Avatar Liel

Adoptable Baby Avatar Liel

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Liel was reborn by professional artist, Briana Fitzpatrick. Read below how Briana describes Liel’s reborn process and lists all of her special features, plus everything she comes with....

‘Hello Adopter 👋 

                Liel has been quite a long time in the making, and I am beyond thrilled now to share with you about this darling tiny Avatar.  If you are a fan of the movie Avatar like me, then you are probably looking forward to the new 2nd Avatar movie releasing  soon just as much as I am (if not more 😉).  Ever since I saw the first movie, I became fascinated with the magical illuminating Pandora forest and the Na’vi tribe.  I have used the Avatar movie as a source of my inspiration in my original artwork, however it wasn’t until a few months ago I had the idea to create an OOAK reborn Avatars.  ✨ 

Creating Liel, was definitely different from any other reborn I’ve created.  She is the tiniest reborn I have ever made!  She is only 8 inches long 😍 Sooo freakin cute!!!  Liel started out as the blank vinyl kit “Wynter” sculpted by Shawna Clymer.   I began her reborn process by applying multiple various transparent blues and other colors to to get the desired skin complexion I envisioned to give her the most realistic skin tone look with depth and detail.  I wish I could tell you how many layers it took me to get her look the beautiful way she is, but to be honest I lost track of count 😅.  It was so much fun for me add her own tribal stripes and spotted, freckley dots and the coolest tiny Mohawk you have probably ever seen.  I feel like these features really helped captivate her uniqueness and personality.  Which by the way, she has the sweetest, funky personality and she has a love for flowers and butterflies 🦋   Anyways I am super pleased with how she has turned out and I can’t wait for you to adopt her 🥰. Aaah, yes! I’ll miss her and the bond we share, but I will be way more happy for her to be in your loving arms with a stronger bond.  When you look at Liel and she just tugs at your heart, that means she is meant for you.  Every OOAK reborn is created for one person and if it's you, your life will be brightened by adopting Liel into your home. 💙

Below I list more artistic details and features for you to get to know everything about Liel.

Special Features Include:


  • Mico-Preemie size with full length vinyl arms and legs
  • soft filled and weighted cloth body
  • individually hand micro-rooted baby soft black hair using premium quality mohair
  • meticulously hand micro-rooted eyelashes
  • baby manicure & pedicure
  • finest quality Genesis heat set painted details


Fun Fact: the name Liel is Hebrew and is a Na’ve Avatar Tribal name meaning  “God’s present, or gift of God”

      Our nursery is a smoke free environment and with delicate handling and extra special care, this baby has been transformed into a treasured little OOAK "Cream Puff Babies Nursery" baby Avatar


  • Reborn: September 22, 2022
  • Time: 11:35am
  • Weighing Approx. 7oz.
  • Measuring 8 inches long


      Liel is no longer considered a play doll, but a one of a kind, original "CPBN" baby/ collectible doll to be handed down from generation to generation.

I have signed and dated her with her birth date on the inside rim of her head.

Liel will leave our nursery with all brand new items:


  • Cream Puff Babies Nursery birth certificate
  • Kit’s original Certificate of Authenticity
  • Magnet pacifier (these magnets are very strong and not recommended to be around people with pacemakers)
  • Diaper
  • Hospital bracelet
  • white headband
  • purple flower hair clip 
  • Blue t-shirt
  • polka dot t-shirt
  • white diaper cover
  • polka dot diaper cover
  • blanket


      Please Note: Anything that has not been stated as included are props used in photos and will not be included.

       A great deal of time and effort goes into creating each handmade, original, & one-of-a-kind babies.  I have described Liel as accurately as possible through words and photos taken at a variety of angles.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask before purchasing. All sales are final.

Each collectible doll is carefully handled and well packaged/ prepared for shipment to their new home.

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