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Adoptable Silicone Micro Preemie Baby Boy Memorial Fetus Doll 15-16 Week Gestation

Adoptable Silicone Micro Preemie Baby Boy Memorial Fetus Doll 15-16 Week Gestation

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Allow me to introduce you to Grayson. He is such a tiny, delicate boy, as you can probably tell from the photos he fits right in the palm of your hand. 🥰 He is only 6 inches long with bent legs!  Grayson is the realistic size a fetus / baby would be at 15-16 week gestation. He is made out of silicone which allows his body to feel weighted and move like a baby of his size would. I created Grayson in mind as a memorial baby doll for the mom out there who has experienced a miscarriage or a loss of her child at premature birth. I wanted to make Grayson as life like as possible and used various painting techniques to add layers of depth within the skin tone to highlight all of his premature features. Grayson is ready for his new home and he wants to be lovingly cradled in your hands. He loves to lay on your chest to listen to your soothing heart beat.❤️ Grayson is an absolute sweetheart. He has such a precious loving effect, that he just might bring tears to your eyes when you hold him 🥹 To learn more about the specific artistic details of him and the items he will come with, continue to read below.

Weighing 6oz.

Measuring 6 inches

About Grayson: This little boy came into the nursery  as “Grayson / Grace” by Jenn Chittick. The sculpt to start out with was a blank neutral pale skin tone silicone and was put through our reborn process to enhance his realism and lifelike, premature look.

With delicate handling and extra special care in the NICU area of our nursery, this baby has been transformed into a treasured little "Cream Puff Babies Nursery" baby boy. 

Special Features Include:

-his original Certificate of Authenticity

-Cream Puff Babies birth certificate

-Full silicone body-arms and legs are fused to his body

-finest quality silicone paint details

-subtle realistic veining in appropriate places

- not anatomically correct


Grayson will leave our nursery with these items:

-handmade tiny gold cross necklace

-small blue pacifier

-muslin stockinette sleep sack with cross on the front, gold angel wings on the back, and a gold bow at the bottom with matching stockinette hat with gold bow at the top

-small blue and white striped sleep sack

-soft fleece “Cream Puff Babies Nursery” white blanket

-small blue hat

-small light blue with white stars muslin swaddle / receiving blanket

-soft light blue fleece round bed

-modified (since legs are fused to his body) gauze diaper with tiny blue diaper pin

Grayson is no longer considered a play doll, but a one of a kind, original "CPBN" baby/ collectible doll to be handed down from generation to generation. 

Please Note: Anything that has not been stated as included are props used in photos and will not be included. A great deal of time and effort goes into creating each handmade, original, & one-of-a-kind babies. I have described Grayson as accurately as possible through words and photos taken at a variety of angles. If you have any questions please feel free to ask before purchasing. All sales are final. Each collectible doll is carefully handled and, well packaged/ prepared for shipment to their new home.

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